CMII White Papers

  • White Paper CMII-900

    White Paper CMII-900

    Defense Acquisition System Reform and Recommended Solutions

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  • White Paper CMII-875

    White Paper CMII-875

    The CMII/IPE Model and PLM/PDM Tool Functionality Needed to Support Implementation

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  • White Paper CMII-885

    White Paper CMII-885

    CMII/IPE Implementation Requires Planning and a Team Effort

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  • White Paper CMII-845

    White Paper CMII-845

    Process versus Software Tool Training for CMII/IPE Users

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  • White Paper CMII-840

    White Paper CMII-840

    How to Determine the Effectiveness and/or Value of Your CM Process

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  • White Paper CMII-830

    White Paper CMII-830

    Monetary Value of Traditional Configuration Management versus CMII

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  • White Paper CMII-805

    White Paper CMII-805

    CMII/IPE Versus Other Configuration Management Certification Programs

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  • White Paper CMII-810

    White Paper CMII-810

    Exponential Curve for Intervention Resources and Derivation

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  • White Paper CMII-815

    White Paper CMII-815

    How CMII/IPE Can Further Enhance ISO 9001:2008

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