Student Testimonials

"I wanted to humbly thank you for some really great training.  I have been in this Device/Drug business for more than 30 years.  No training I have ever had pulls together so many loose pieces of systems, history, concepts, procedures, quality, compliance…. – and just basic good business.  And let me tell you – I have had a ton of training.

(Ken) and Eric are also especially gifted instructors.  Not everyone can teach this message.  Both of you seem like good college professors, like the ones you would always remember.

You guys have produced something really special and in my opinion revolutionary.  I will be a CMII flag Bearer going forward and offer you any support me or Medtronic can offer you."

“Great class — awesome instructor! Would highly recommend this course — all businesses should go thru this course.”

“This course supplied excellent reasons my company should consider implementing CMII and stop trying to use a dead -973.”

“Six binders, 12 days, 18 workshops, 6 tests, 30 hours of commuting, 840 miles (28 miles per hour). WHEW!!”

“Even as a design checker, I have identified needed improvements in my company, my department and our processes.”

“Excellent! A must for all CM professionals. Thank you for a very worthwhile investment of 12 days. Very satisfied.”

“Great finish to a great certification!”

“Great to complete all six. It feels fantastic to be certified. I feel my career will really be enhanced by what I learned.”

“The best instructor I have had.”

“Welcome to reality. This is a wonderful journey to the discovery of what a discipline should and can do.”

“Enjoyed this course the most. Now it all makes sense.”

“Appreciated the instructor’s straightforward thoughts on what is, what could be, and how to get there — no-nonsense approach.”

“The implementation methodology was very worthwhile.”

“Best course I have ever taken.”

“Course materials and workshops were excellent — easy to follow and understand.”

“If instructors were given grades, it would be an A+.”

“Its been a long, long two weeks but worth every penny. Love workshop #3.”

“Thanks for a great experience. I look forward to the next steps. Hope to see you at the conference in October.”

“Absolutely brilliant!”

“Many thanks to the instructor for delivering an excellent course. It has really opened my eyes to the possibilities.”

“This course was thought provoking and eye-opening.”

“Thank you so much for the most wonderful course ever. This is going to change my life forever.”

“Anything presented with such a passion is 90% convincing for the most hardened unbelievers.”

“Tremendous value for money from Courses I through VI.”

“The overall CMII courses are, without question, the most comprehensive definition of what configuration management should be as well as what it is about.”

“The materials were presented in a way that anyone at my level can understand. This class gets an A in my gradebook.”

“Excellent and then some!!”

“We will lead this division (first – corporate later) into real CMII process. We are starting with 20 CM-type folks which emerged into unstoppable high energy future CMII champions.”

“Course VI is very powerful and the most important of all.”

“CMII is the most expensive training that our company does and it’s worth every penny”

“All I have to say is ‘DYNAMITE!’”

“Excellent. So much more than I expected.”

“The workshops were fun and informative.”

“This is one of the best courses in the series — understanding how to implement all that we have learned.”

“Great job tying it all together and good practical workshops for ending the course and certification series.”

“The entire series was excellent. I feel well prepared to continue with CMII at my company.”

“This was the course I was waiting for and it exceeded my expectations. I am looking forward to implementing all that I have learned in any position I will hold and any company I will work for.”

“This course has given me the tool I need to help my organization realign and better support our customers.”

“Course VI really ties everything together and, with the workshops, makes implementation a reality.”

“This is by far the best course I have ever taken. Instructor was great, discussions were great and information was relevant.”

“This is, in all likelihood, the best and most thorough training I have ever experienced. It has immediate transfer from the classroom into whatever work situation the learner may be in.”

“Excellent course!! Will be discussed at work.”

Online CMII-01 Evaluations

“Even though this is only the first course in the series, if I had known just
this amount of CMII, I would have been able to solve many issues more easily over the past 25 years.”

“I had read everything about CMII I could get my hands on before taking this course. One of my objectives was to get clarification on some things I did not understand. This course certainly did that.”

“Despite being an online course, it is truly interactive and requires full
participation and understanding. The material was excellent, well paced
and structured in a logical way.”

“This course was very well presented. It is very relevant and pertinent to the challenges that exist in my workplace.”

“Hands down, some of the best material I have ever read.”

“I am already putting this course to good use, and eager to build on it.”

“The pace of the course was very good providing the right amount of new material at each chapter. It gives you time to think about how it applies to your own products and processes. I feel ready to make some changes and I am looking forward to the next course.”

“This course culminated excellently with my 12 years of experience in industry. Enjoyed learning more of what “I thought was right” and now “know is right.”

“This course has opened my eyes to what it takes to be in the improvement phase instead of constantly being in the corrective action phase.”

“Clear, concise and valid.”

Online CMII-02 Evaluations

“My goal was to learn about structuring and managing requirements. My expectations were exceeded with now what seems to be the common sense approach to success of a company.”

“I learned having a Strategic Business Plan is key and that in order to be successful, everyone needs to work as a team.” Having structure and common documents is essential.”

“This course was very interesting and I will definitely try to apply some of the concepts at work.”

“The topics covered were very comprehensive.”

“The material is an excellent reference and a solid selection of best practices. It is quite clear.”

“I was initially skeptical of these courses.” After starting CMII-01, I was hooked. It is nice to see what I thought CM should be as a course.”

Online CMII-03 Evaluations

“This was a very good course.”

“Good course full of good information.” Having the ability to take the course online has been a tremendous advantage.”

“The course material was easy to understand and very educational.”

“I had already taken courses CMII-01 and -02 at a public site. I am so glad that the courses I still need are available online.”

“When I was first told of CMII by my supervisor, I did not want to take the courses. After researching it, I changed my mind. After completing CMII-01, 02 and -03, I am really enjoying the courses and have found other people who envision CM the way I do.”

“I like the format. It works very well. I liked going at my own pace. The slides are well done and easy to read on a screen of any resolution.”

“This was the most challenging course thus far. Where CMII-01 and -02 provided a relatively large amount of the WHY, CMII-03 provided more of the how-to.”

Online CMII-04 Evaluations

“The feedback kept me on track and made me confident in my knowledge.”

“The workshops really made me think about what I had just learned and I was able to reread needed sections of the material to help me.”

“This course is very well delivered by the instructor.” He explains well what is written and adds relevant comments that help understanding.”

“The instructor went above and beyond to explain some things I was confused about. He answered all my questions and had provided a quick response whenever I needed assistance.”

“After completing the course, I found my organization does not follow all of CMII. However, we are on the right track.”

“As a process thinker, I found the step-by-step description of the CMII change process to be very clear.”

“Has provided me with a sound knowledge of CMII principles and also highlighted some areas that I need to work on.”

“I have learned that the CMII approach is the smartest and most efficient way to run a business.”

“I have a different way of looking at the way the company I work for manages documentation. We really need CMII.”