Configuration Management Certifications

For Students:

Certification levels and required courses are listed below.

For Businesses and Tool Providers:

Toll functionality required to support the full range of CMII operating standards is
defined in CMII-500 The CMII/IPE Model. Of 225 operating standards, 100 need
the support of PLM tools. Of the 100, 40 are categorized as mandatory. All 40
reside in the domain of configuration management.

CMIIB (CMII Basics) Certification Requirements

Course CMII-01: The CMII/IPE Model (2 days)

Course CMII-02: Structuring and Managing Requirements (2 days)

Course CMII-03: Change Challenges and Proven Solutions (2 days)

Course CMII-04: The CMII Closed-Loop Change Process (2 days)

CMIIC (CMII Comprehensive) Certification Requirements (Red Lapel Pin)

CMII Certified Red Lapel PinPREREQUISITE: CMIIB Certification

Course CMII-05: Operation, Maintenance and Logistics (2 days)

Course CMII-06: CMII Implementation and Application (2 days)

CMIIA (CMII Advanced) Certification Requirements (Green Lapel Pin)

CMII Certified Green Lapel PinPREREQUISITE: CMIIC Certification

Course CMII-07: How to Achieve Integrated Process Excellence (2 days)

Course CMII-08: CMII Process Automation with PLM and ERP (2 days)

CMIIP (CMII Professional) Certification Requirements (Black Lapel Pin)

CMII Certified Black Lapel Pin

1. CMIIC Certification is a prerequisite for taking CMII-16
2. It is not necessary to achieve CMIIA before taking CMII-16
3. CMIIP is awarded upon completion of CMIIA and CMII-16

Course CMII-16: Laboratory for Hands-On CMII/IPE Training (3 days)

*Requirements for Retaining CMIIP Certification - None

Software CM Certification

CMIIS (CMII Software) Certification Requirements


Course CMII-13: Managing the Software Lifecycle with CMII (3 days)