Configuration Management Certifications


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Configuration Management - CMII Certifications

CMIIB (CMII Basics) Certification Requirements

Course CMII-01: The CMII/IPE Model (2 days)

Course CMII-02: Structuring and Managing Requirements (2 days)

Course CMII-03: Change Challenges and Proven Solutions (2 days)

Course CMII-04: The CMII Closed-Loop Change Process (2 days)


CMIIC (CMII Comprehensive) Certification Requirements (Red Lapel Pin)

CMII Certified Red Lapel PinPREREQUISITE: CMIIB Certification

Course CMII-05: Operation, Maintenance and Logistics (2 days)

Course CMII-06: CMII Implementation and Application (2 days)

CMIIA (CMII Advanced) Certification Requirements (Green Lapel Pin)

CMII Certified Green Lapel PinPREREQUISITE: CMIIC Certification

Course CMII-07: How to Achieve Integrated Process Excellence (2 days)

Course CMII-08: CMII Process Automation with PLM and ERP (2 days)

CMIIP (CMII Professional) Certification Requirements (Black Lapel Pin)

CMII Certified Black Lapel Pin

1. CMIIC Certification is a prerequisite for taking CMII-16
2. It is not necessary to achieve CMIIA before taking CMII-16
3. CMIIP is awarded upon completion of CMIIA and CMII-16

Course CMII-16: Laboratory for Hands-On CMII/IPE Training (3 days)

*Requirements for Retaining CMIIP Certification - None

Software CM Certification

CMIIS (CMII Software) Certification Requirements


Course CMII-13: Managing the Software Lifecycle with CMII (3 days)