Course Abstracts/Outlines

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Certification Course Course Title
CMII-01 The CMII/IPE Model (2 days)
CMII-02 Structuring and Managing Requirements (2 days)
CMII-03 Change Challenges and Proven Solutions (2 days)
CMIIB__ CMII-04 The CMII Closed-Loop Change Process (2 days)
CMII-05 Operation, Maintenance and Logistics (2 days)
CMIIC__ CMII-06 CMII Implementation and Application (2 days)
CMII-07 How to Achieve Integrated Process Excellence (2 days)
CMIIA__ CMII-08 CMII Process Automation with PLM and ERP (2 days)
CMIIP__ CMII-16 Laboratory for Hands-On CMII/IPE Training (3 days)

Other Specialty Courses

CMII-09 Update and Refresher for CMII Grads (3 days)
CMII-10 From CM to CMII/IPE for Executives (1/4/8 hours)
CMII-11 Configuration Management & the CMII Model (5 days)
CMII-12 CMII/IPE Principles and Tailored Application (4 or 5 days)
CMIIS__ CMII-13 Managing the Software Lifecycle with CMII (3 days)
CMII-14 Export Control, Security and Governance (2 days)
CMII-15 CMII/ IPE Bootcamp for Management (2 days)