Process Assessment and Certification

Process Assessment and Certification

On-site assessments are a component of our business process improvement services. We are available to help your CMII-certified team of business process improvement specialists accomplish each of the eight steps required to transition from Level 1 to Level 5. We also offer business process certification to organizations that achieve Level 5.

Level 5: Excellence

Step 8: achieve Level 5 state of integrated process excellence

Step 7: use measurements to guide continuous improvement

Level 4: Engaged

Step 6: implement all elements and improvements on all programs

Step 5: implement the elements and lessons learned on 2nd program

Level 3: Committed

Step 4: implement validated elements on the 1st business program

Step 3: develop and prototype the CMII infrastructure and process

Level 2: Enlightened

Step 2: assess existing practices and develop transition plan
Step 1: define the destination

Level 1: Unaware

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