29th Annual CMII/IPE Symposium and Training



ICM's 29th Annual CMII/IPE Symposium


September 19 - 20, 2016


The Orleans Hotel & Casino

4500 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas NV 89103

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Previous Annual CMII/IPE Speakers

Configuration Management SpeakerEmcee: Bill Deringer, RS Information Systems 

Bill is Director of Weather Radar Systems at Centuria Corporation. He is an attorney and systems engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the military and electronics industries. Bill is an active CM practitioner and holds the CMIIC certification. He has been the emcee for ICM's annual CMII symposiums for the past several years.

paul-nelsonKeynote: Paul Nelson, Orbital ATK

Paul has 12 years in industry and is a Teamcenter Business Architect at Orbital ATK. He is promoting the proper processes and tools to significantly reduce development time and costs while meeting all customer requirements. Paul has BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering. He is ENCOSE certified and CMII certified and also fluent in Russian.

Topic: Achieving Integrated Process Excellence within Propulsion Systems

We are making a renewed investment in CMII/IPE. Propulsion system’s journey to integrated process excellence began years ago and continues today. Planning, strategies, roadmaps and current initiatives employed to fully achieve CMII/IPE will be shared. The relationship between Systems Engineering, INCOSE principles and CMII/IPE will also be touched upon.

Jeff WeatherallKeynote: Jeffery Weatherall, Woodward, Inc.

Jeffery was recruited by Woodward, Inc. in early 2012 for being known as a successful practitioner in the areas of safety, quality, production management, change management/configuration management (CMII), resource planning, cost management and profit enhancement, also known as LEAN manufacturing. He came highly recommended after spending 39 years in various leadership and management roles with General Motors (GM) and Delphi Power Train LLC, a former subsidiary company of GM. Jeffery spent the last 14 years at GM/Delphi Powertrain with global responsibilities implementing and improving quality processes, configuration management, manufacturing processes, and total material cost management.

Jeffery is currently assisting the Woodward enterprise by implementing an improved manufacturing process that will enhance the company's performance related to; safety, quality, delivery and cost, which drive laser like focus on customer satisfaction. Jeffery earned his Bachelors in Business Administration from Grand Valley State University in 1978.

Aside from his demanding work schedule, Jeffery takes an active role in his community and is currently a Board Member on The Fund Development Committee for the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford, IL. Jeffery enjoys spending time with his wife of 40 years and their 3 beautiful grandchildren. He also takes great pleasure in anything pertaining to cars.

Topic: Embracing Change: Implementing CMII at Woodward Inc.

At Woodward, we have been designing and manufacturing energy controls and providing customer solutions for 145 years. Yet, we have just begun the journey to establish a closed-loop change process to support internal changes (supply chain and operations) that complements our external change process (end item). Mr. Weatherall will share the first steps of our journey and provide an implementation roadmap for a fast and effective change process that drives down waste and encourages Continuous Improvement.


Donna Rouse, Insitu

I am the manager of CM at Insitu. I have been a CMII practitioner since the early 90’s. Since appointed as CM manager, I have been working diligently to implement the CMII concepts. It has been a challenge to take a company from garage to global potential. We are moving from a culture of fire-fighters to one of planning with predictable outcomes.

Topic: A Tale of Two Programs

I will explore the CM challenges of balancing the requirements of a DOD Program of Record with the needs of a Commercial program — a program driven by MIL-STDs and CDRLs versus those driven by budgets and time to market agility requirements. I will describe how to provide a common process baseline that supports both.

Martjin_DullaartMartjin Dullaart, Philips        

Martijn is Team Lead and Senior Business Analyst PLM at Philips with over 10 years of PLM experience. He is product owner for Change & Configuration Management striving to standardize all business processes and utilize one common PLM tool. Martijn has a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and holds CMIIA certification.

Topic: How We Implemented and Deployed CMII

Philips is striving to reduce 3,000+ business processes to 140 common processes, business models from 75 to 4 and the number of PLM tools from 17 to 1. I will describe the status of the Change & Configuration Management program, how we implemented and deployed CMII, the key challenges that we faced and how we addressed those challenges.

Guido WeischedelGuido Weischedel, GfKM

Guido worked for a major automotive supplier before forming a company to provide education and consulting in software CM in 1985. He has written several articles on software CM. Guido began teaching CMII courses in the German language in 1998. His company was renamed GfKM in 1999. He has a degree in information technology and is CMII certified.

Topic: CMII — One Common CM Language and Rules

After 20 years as a CMII instructor in Europe, I still find many organizations do not speak the same CM language or follow the same rules. For example, baselines are used differently than those promoted by CMII. Documents are not always released before being used. This presentation will identify other differences and provide recommended solutions.

Terry QuanTerry Quan, EdB Advisors

Terry is the CEO of EbD Advisers and is the consummate CM professional. He started out as an engineer in the commercial nuclear industry and earned his CMII certification almost 25 years ago. He has held management roles in engineering, IT and CM. Terry has been a CM instructor for ICM. He is a serial entrepreneur, starting two companies being part of two other early-stage endeavors. Terry has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Arizona State University.

Topic: So, You Want a Career in CM?

Terry will reflect on his professional journey to share his observations and decisions that resulted in his extensive and diverse CM career. He hopes his presentation will help you manage and thrive in your CM career.

Bas Berk

Bas Berk, ADSE Consulting and Engineering

Bas is a configuration management consultant at ADSE - Consulting and Engineering in the Netherlands, and has over 10 years of experience in technical consulting. He has worked in a variety of industries including High Tech, Aerospace, and Defense. Bas has a MS degree in Aerospace Engineering and obtained CMIIP certification in 2013.

Topic: Organizational Change Management – The Executive Management Pitch for CM

An interactive management pitch for CM based on Prosci’s ADKAR® model for organizational change management. Our goal is to expand and improve the Awareness and Desire of you (our executive management team) for applying CM using CMII/IPE principles. You are encouraged to actively support and/or challenge our line of thought during and after the pitch!

Wouter Mollers

Wouter Mollers Cofely, Energy & Infra BV

Wouter is Configuration Manager at Cofely Energy & Infra BV (a Dutch division of the global energy player GDF SUEZ),
In 2013 he accepted the challenge to help implement CM at Cofely Energy & Infra BV after working 5 years in Quality
Management. Wouter has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and holds CMIIA certification.

Topic: Organizational Change Management – The Executive Management Pitch for CM

An interactive management pitch for CM based on Prosci’s ADKAR® model for organizational change management. Our
goal is to expand and improve the Awareness and Desire of you (our executive management team) for applying CM using CMII/IPE principles. You are encouraged to actively support and/or challenge our line of thought during and after the pitch!

Joe_AndersonJoe Anderson, Rolls-Royce

Joe has over 18 years in the automotive, aerospace, marine and defense industries. He has held various management positions and has implemented multiple global capability improvement solutions. Joe has extensive experience in configuration management and received his CMIIP certification in 2013.

Topic: Integrated, Interoperable and Functional

In regards to people, processes, systems and tools, most think about integration first, interoperability second and the functional elements trail toward the end. For a company to thrive, it must think about how it interacts, designs and supports the whole structurally and how the individual elements interact.

 Li_HengLi Heng, Beijing Golden Begonia Technology Co.

Li Heng served in the Chinese Academy of Sciences for space projects after graduating from Beijing University of Aero and Astronautics. Years later he worked in the mobile phone industry. CM played an important role in both environments. Li holds CMIIC certification. With his knowledge of space standards, international enterprise and CMII, he joined BGBT.        

Topic: New Challenges for CMII/IPE Training in China

For the past year, BGBT has introduced CMII/IPE courses in China. We have found international companies to be familiar with CMII/IPE, but local companies are not. Since they are mired in corrective action, their interest is growing. We have our first success story but we still have questions which I want to share. Our goal is to find answers and solutions for tomorrow.

 Keir PritchardKeir Pritchard, KDA Consulting

Keir has over 25 years of experience in the construction, heavy automotive and industrial equipment industries. In 2012, he founded KDA Consulting which has been successful in generating value for customers through mechanical design, engineering automation, and PLM software implementation. Keir has a BSME and holds the CMIIA certification.       

Topic: "Right from the Start-Up"

CMII often suffers from a misconception that it only benefits large companies or high-volume production, yet there are
significant opportunities available for early stage and small to midsized businesses. This presentation explores the. CMII principles which are of greatest benefit to small and midsized companies and will position them for scaleable growth.

Rob_J_B_ReefmanRob J B Reefman AEGOR Beheer B.V.

Rob implemented CAD tools in the early 1980s. He moved from electrical equipment to aerospace in 1984 and coordinated an environment of different CAD tools. He focused on PLM from 2001 to 2008. He has given special attention to the human factor and Knowledge Management since 2011. Rob is an electrical engineer, a Six Sigma Black Belt and is CMIIP certified..

Topic: Operational Knowledge Management Needs CMII

Only a part of a human’s knowledge is documented. The objective of Knowledge Management is maximum use of available knowledge, re-use and innovation. With explicit knowledge, we know the What, the How and the Why.but it changes all the time and needs to be maintained. That is why CMII is needed.

Carmen GillenwatersCarmen Gillenwaters, Edwards Lifesciences

Carmen has worked in the pharma and medical device industry for over 20 years. She is currently Sr. Manager Engineering PLM at Edwards Lifesciences. She previously worked for Ethicon Endo Surgery and Lifescan, both divisions of Johnson & Johnson where she implemented PLM using the CMII model. She is now introducing the CMII model at Edwards.

Topic: CMII and Medical Devices

Like most industries, medical device companies have their own language, mostly derived from the FDA regulations. This presentation maps their terminology against the CMII model. It is for those in the FDA regulated industry who are interested in CMII, or trying to get their company to adopt CMII, and those who have already implemented CMII.

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