30th Annual CMII/IPE Symposium and Training

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29th Annual CMII/IPE Symposium Speakers

 Bill Deringer Emcee Bill Deringer, Centuria Corp.

Bill is Director of Weather Radar Systems at Centuria Corporation. He is an attorney and systems engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the military and electronics industries. Bill is an active CM practitioner and holds the CMIIC certification. He has been the emcee for ICM's annual CMII symposiums for the past several years.

Mike McKinney Mike McKinney, Wolf Appliances

I have 37 years of experience in several industries with the last 24 in consumer products. My experiences span configuration and change management from days of paper to today's web-based PLM. My presentation is retrospect of lessons learned to go from zero CMII certified employees to 57, where we are today (but 60 sounds cooler).

Topic: Zero to 60 In 18 Months

I will explain who we are, where we were one year ago and why we are doing this (change faster and document better). I will describe today's challenges, both globally and domestically. Our keys to success include upper management support and participation in training, Ray Wozny's salesmanship, cross-functional training and creating a common language. I will describe our next steps and plans for keeping up the momentum.

Sarah Nguyen Sarah Nguyen, e3 Elite Engineering Services

Sarah is a systems engineer in mind and a configuration manager at heart, with a CMIIP pin on her shirt. She has designed and deployed operational processes and tools within and without the engineering realm for the past 7 years. With her past in the aerospace industry, she has since been expanding the principles of conscious CM process integration outward, as one of the essential solutions offered by e3 Elite Engineering Services.

Topic: The PLM Trek

The process to PLM parallels that of an ambitious trek through highs and lows, ever-changing scenery, and unanticipated surprises along the way--with the peak end goal as Integrated Process Excellence. Together we will embark on an adventurous PLM trek along rushing currents, over boulderous hurdles towards Mount IPE, with CM as the strategy on how to do it; which equipment to put in our backpacks, when to use it, which trail to follow and a backup plan. Just add bear.

 Zoran Marinkovic Zoran Marinkovic, Marshall Aerospace

Zoran earned an engineering degree in 1988 and worked at aerospace firms in the former Yugoslavia, Toronto and Seattle until 2000. He went to Ballard Power Systems in Vancouver as a project engineer and then moved into CM. He earned his CMIIC in 2004 and CMIIP in 2013. He went to Marshall Aerospace Canada in 2006 and is now a fleet CM Manager.

Topic: Moving CM from Engineering to Enterprise Core Business Process

Marshall ADG is in the last stage of ERP implementation and is now implementing PLM in support of company process automation. Our Canadian offices have initiated a lot of process improvement based on CMII methodology. I will discuss how we gained support to transition from traditional product support CM to a CMII-driven enterprise core business process. I will described the obstacles, how we solved them and what I have learned from ICM training and CMII symposiums.

 Paul Nelson Paul Nelson, Orbital ATK Propulsion Systems

Paul is an Associate Fellow for the PLM discipline at Orbital ATK. He is promoting the proper processes and tools to significantly reduce development time and costs while meeting all customer requirements. Paul has BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering. He is INCOSE certified, holds CMIIP certification and is fluent in Russian.

Topic: Configuration Management as a Foundation for Systems Engineering
and PLM

There exists an emerging relationship between systems engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM); Configuration Management serves as a foundation for each. Systems engineering is primarily focused on the process, methodology, and sociotechnical implications to deliver the holistic requirements of a given system; this includes a balanced emphasis of cost, schedule and technical
requirements. PLM is both a business strategy and key enabling system that facilitates the lifecycle activities of a system of interest (SOI). When people, processes, tools and methods combine synergistically to deliver the SOI, the results almost appear to be magical. A coupling matrix is leveraged as a method to aid in orchestrating implementation priorities to improve the amalgamation of processes, tools and methods.

 Christy Mitchell Christy Mitchell, HP Inc.

Christy Mitchell is an Engineering Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience in a manufacturing and operations environment within the technology industry.  She currently manages an Environmental Chain of Custody compliance Program World Wide within the Media Supplies & Solutions business in support of HP Inc.’s Paper Policy & Forestry Initiatives.  Christy has been practicing CMII methodology full time since obtaining certification in 2007.  She has extensive experience in configuration management as it pertains to process development and improvements.

Topic: My Outsourced Job Turned into a Positive

The best thing that happened to me was outsourcing my job in 2009 for the second time.  It gave me the control in my next role to develop this environmental program with the CMII methodology as my baseline.  My focus was on all external and internal requirements; ensuring they were clear, concise, and valid while validating what I did and doing what I validated

Arnaud Hubaux Arnaud Hubaux, ASML

Arnaud is a business architet expert in configuration and product variant management. He currently drives a major configuration management and transformation program and implementation of state-of-the-art product configuration technologies. Arnaud holds a PhD in Computer Science and obtained
CMIIP certification in 2016.

Topic: CM at ASML: From Outside In to Inside Out

Throughout the years, several projects were aimed at increasing the maturity of CM at ASML. Those initiatives were mostly driven from the outside in: Bring in external experts to suggest solution directions, process improvements and tool changes. When confronted with the business, those approaches progressively faced acceptance challenges. Looking back, the mitigated success of those attempts was mostly due to a misunderstanding of the company culture and focus on the wrong business drivers and short-term wins. Those lessons lead us to start the CM@ASML journey differently. It looks at CM implementation from the inside out. Assemble a team of trained ASML individuals that builds the foundation for sustainable CM. This team of experts is distributed across the company to ensure buy-in, product knowledge and change implementation. In this presentation, we explain the journey so far with examples of key decisions and successes that fuel the CM growth engine throughout the organization.

Max Gravel Max Gravel, Gulfstream Aerospace

Max is the Configuration and Change Management (CCM) team lead for new programs at Gulfstream Aerospace. His team is supporting development of two new aircraft models in a 3D Model Based Type Design environment using CMII principles as the backbone. Max has a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering and holds CMIIC and CMIIS certifications.

Topic: Closed-Loop Change Implementation Process

Aircraft, like many products, are getting "smarter" and more integrated and development schedules are becoming more aggressive. To be successful, aerospace companies, like many others, require robust configuration control and highly integrated and lean change management processes. I will share the role that the CCM team plays at Gulfstream to support the above business needs. I will also address the challenges with establishing a robust closed-loop change process to support the world's most technologically advanced business jets.

Mehmet Tunc Mehmet Tunc, FNSS Defense Systems

Mehmet is the PLM and Configuration Manager within FNSS Defense Systems. He has a mechanical engineering background and a master's degree. He has over 16 years of experience on PLM, CAD, database applications and CM. Mehmet is certified at the CMIIP level and is now focused on CM process improvements and PLM transition.

Topic: PLM Transition for Process Improvement and CMII Alignment

FNSS Defense Systems, a joint venture of BAE Systems and Nurol Group, is a private defense company designing and producing armed land vehicles. FNSS is a high level engineering-oriented company and the marketing and export leader in Turkey. To improve its operational processes, FNSS initiated efforts for CMII alignment and PLM transition. I will share our experiences with this effort and look forward to valuable feedback from the CMII audience.

 Christina Sigrist Christina Sigrist, Bose Corporation

Chrissy has over 40 years in CM in the consumer, automotive and defense industries. She currently manages the Product Configuration Management team at Bose Corporation. She previously worked for Motorola and Northrop Grumman ensuring the CM principles were followed. Chrissy has a BS in Business and obtained CMIIP certification in 2014.

Topic: Metrics Mania Needs CMII

How can you be accountable for metrics that are flawed? How can you tell the difference between corrective action and process improvement if not capturing the right metrics? Our goal was to use CMII, capture the right metrics and show that it does not take too long. We will take you through our journey of capturing metrics that show what is really going on.

 J. Todd Egan J. Todd Egan, GE Aviation

Todd is a CMIIP certified Senior Configuration Manager with 18+ years experience in Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Industrial programs. His current program responsibility is managing the configuration and facilitating certification of the GE9X, a $100+ billion program for the world’s largest jet engine manufacturer. In addition, he has a proven track record in ERP, PLM,
Process Improvement, Data Management and cross organizational team building.

Topic: CMII Global Congress: The CMII Tool Box You’ve Been Looking For

You’ve made it! After months (if not years) of trying to convince your leadership that CMII certification is critical to your team’s success in driving greater value into the business, you’ve completed your certification. Now the real work begins of laying out the path to move your organization towards Integrated Process Excellence. The first question for many is how do you concisely educate your leadership on what you can do with your new skills and what kind of resources are available to help illustrate how others in industry have implemented CMII successfully.

Enter the CMII Congress. A collection of CMIIP’s working in conjunction with ICM collecting best practices, leadership pitches, CM horror stories and much, much more.

Joe Anderson Rolls-Royce

Joseph Anderson, VP of Global Services for the Institute of Configuration Management

Joe holds executive-level authority for implementing transformational service solutions to integrate the ICM global services organization, introduce enterprise agile methodologies, and shift paradigms to focus on customers and solution providers. His organization will establish a global vision to align our company strategy and goals, while meeting customer needs. Joe holds a BS in Global Business Strategy and Systems. He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and is CMII certified at the CMIIP level. 

Topic: ICM Global Services: The Path to Success The Institute. The Standard.

The Institute of Configuration Management understands the struggles of process transition, PLM implementation, and the industry’s model based future. We are creating the Global Services branch to meet the industry’s needs for today, tomorrow  & beyond. ICM Global Services is introducing a catalog of support services, CMII license and certification requirements for PLM, ERP, MES and service providers. Our service experts will work with you to establish processes, procedures, and system solutions that are all certifiable & scaleable.

Catie Jelinski Catie Jelinski, St. Jude Medical

CMII became Catie's passion after being introduced to it in 2013. She is currently Manager of Records Management and is working on a global solution based on requirements. Catie was established as a Business Process Architect at American Medical Systems where she took the lead on CMII implementation. She also worked at Beckman Coulter for 10 years and restructured the change control process using many CMII concepts without realizing it.

Topic: CMII Throughout the Enterprise

The entire enterprise can benefit by keeping CMII concepts in mind. Catie will discuss the application of CMII to the overall business showing how one core business process can benefit from another core business process running on the same CMII mode.

Susanne Lauda Susanne Lauda, AGCO

Susanne joined AGCO Corporation 5 years ago. AGCO is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Duluth, GA that manufactures agricultural equipment at various locations around the globe, and has roughly 20,000 employees. In her role as global project lead for manufacturing automation she represents the business in regards to the Enterprise PLM strategy. Among other issues she identified the need for a harmonized global change process to support the company’s new platform strategy, and to specify the PLM tool requirements. Susanne also drives the global strategy for Manufacturing 4.0 (Smart Factory), and manages a team that investigates the potential applications for new production tools, such as Additive Manufacturing. Susanne holds a degree in production engineering from her native Germany and received her CMIIP certification in October, 2013. Prior to working for AGCO she has worked at MTU (Diesel engines), Zeppelin New Technologies (aerospace components), Rheinmetal (defense), Siempelkamp (foundry, forging presses) and INP (manufacturing consultant).

Topic: Seamless CMII Despite a Break in the System

Engineering and Manufacturing work in different systems. Engineering works in PTC Windchill. Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management work in Siemens Teamcenter. There is a multitude of ERP systems around the world. Understanding the need for a closed-loop, end-to-end process, AGCO developed an ECN to MCN process that works across system breaks. AGCO is also working on its own Manufacturing 4.0 concept. This will include an even greater variety of tools, and some processes will have to be changed fundamentally. Susanne will share her thoughts about what is necessary to adhere to the CMII principles and make sure we are not left behind in the dust.

Gary D’Souza Gary D’Souza, AGCO

Gary is the technical lead for developing and implementing manufacturing PLM at AGCO. He has been with AGCO in Heston, Kansas for 8 years. In his current role as Global Manufacturing PLM Lead, he is responsible for expanding the use of Mfg PLM to other sites around the world that are affected by the Global Platform Projects. The solution being developed, which interfaces with design, manufacturing engineering, production systems and the factory floor, depends heavily on the use of a robust global change management process to ensure successful launches of new platform products over the next few years.

David Ewing David Ewing, ARAS

David is the Product Marketing Manager at ARAS. He is responsible for ARAS Innovator's adherence to CM standards. David has over 15 years of experience implementing CM concepts in the aerospace industry. He has previous PLM experience at Cummins, B/E Aerospace and GE. David holds the BSME and MBA degrees and is CMII certified.

Topic: Configuration Management and the Business of Engineering

In today's product landscape, systems-level thinking is a must-have capability. You cannot build profitable, well received products without this all encompassing vision. This is the business of engineering. In this presentation, we will illustrate how CM provides the foundation for a flexible PLM system that enables innovation and connects your enterprise.

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