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The CMII Model for achieving enterprise-wide configuration management and integrated process excellence (IPE) requires the support of enabling software tools. PLM tools are most capable of providing the needed support.


ICM began assessing PLM tools when they became available in 2000. Course V, at that time, included the CMII Model as a supplement. It defined 225 operating standards and included templates of process requirements. Tool providers visited ICM's office to demonstrate their functionality relative to the process requirements. Strengths and weaknesses were identified. Tool providers proceeded to eliminate the weaknesses. As of 2008, eight PLM tools were certified.

CMII-500 The CMII Model was released in 2011. It contains the 225 operating standards which are extended into 100 tool requirements. The tool requirements are now the basis for tool assessment and certification.

Assessment and Reassessment Requirements

PLM tools have not been reassessed since their initial certification. In order to provide up-to-date information to ICM website users, a reassessment will be required to retain a PLM tool's CMII certification status. Reassessments of the currently listed tools must be completed by the end of 2015.

Revised Assessment Methodology

The revised methodology for conducting an assessment or reassessment is provided by CMII-600C PDM/PLM Tool Assessment Guide and Report. A tool provider's employee must lead the assessment and report the results. That employee must be CMII-certified at the CMIIA or CMIIP level. The completed assessment report is to be sent to vince@cmiiresearch.com. Vince will coordinate any needed action and assigned ratings with the lead assessor.

Click here for a list of newly certified and/or re-certified tools since January 1, 2015

Click here to download a 3-page overview of CMII-500H The CMII/IPE Model

Note: CMIIC, CMIIA or CMIIP's may reorder a full copy of the latest version for free.

Note: CMIIC, CMIIA or CMIIP's may reorder a full copy of the latest version for free.