- - - and oh by the way, ICM is a great organization for all of us Configuration Management
folks. Your training has helped me greatly in my career. I've never had to look for a job!!
CMII Success Story by Judith Mills, CM/QA Manager, Northrop Grumman, January 18, 2012

Judith Mills CM/QA Manager, Northrop Grumman,

When Ken Black asked Steve Ridlin to share his success story at the annual CMII conference, Steve said thanks, but I cannot get away. He then added the following:


While I have the chance, I would like to remind you of something. When I took courses V and VI from you in 2005, I asked how could we ever make progress when all I see at the classes are lower level people. You replied that we would go back to our companies and become those higher level people. I remember laughing at this notion. I am a guy who literally started at the lowest level working as an hourly employee. I only have an associate degree from a local technical school. So, me becoming a leader was unthinkable.


I came back and got promoted soon after. Then again in late 2007. I was promoted again to be the business process owner for our tire specification system. This is a worldwide position so you were smarter than I gave you credit for.


One last thing. Your discussion on intervention resources has really stuck with me. It is something I would like to make an impact on. I am not sure I can in my current role but is is where you really set me on fire. I can really say my CMII experience has served me well. Thanks again for the invitation. Thanks more for the inspiration you have been.

CMII Success Story by Steve Rigdon, Michelin, WebRef Deployment Global Project Leader, July 27, 2011

Steve Rigdon, Michelin, WebRef Deployment Global Project Leader,

When I inherited the position of Configuration Manager for the Canadian Army Communication System in Afghanistan in 2003, the System was functional but the baseline was not fully documented and we did not have any physical representation of what that very large System of Systems looked like. This made the Integrated Logistic Support and delivery of spare parts to the theatre an issue. We were in a grey zone and had been for the last 5 years.


Fresh from my CMII course and all fired up with this new knowledge and methodology, I hired the good will of the System Chief Engineer and the Contractor who supported us and we went to work, using all the CMII principles we could directly apply to the task.


In six weeks all backlogged issues were current, the entire system was fully documented, the functional and physical baselines were set and approved and the Contractor provided our office with the physical representation of what the System actually looked like at that approved release. The printout was about 10 feet wide and 5 feet high and took a whole wall. Everyone went to look at it, it was an impressive sight. Everyone involved could now work on the System knowing exactly were they fitted with their colleagues in charge of other parts of the System. It was 6 years ago, it has been kept up and regularly updated ever since. We have since saved millions by ordering the right parts for the right system at the right time thanks to our CMII Baselined System.


Bravo to CMII for a brilliant concept.

Liliane D. Esnard, MSc P Eng PMP CMIIP Technical Data Requirements Manager, Director Material System Plans and Requirements, Canadian National Defense ,

CMII JCMIS Success Stories - Managed by NAVAIR and Powered by Intergraph Corporation


The Joint Configuration Management Information System (JCMIS) application was CMII certified in 2005 as a web-based Configuration Management (CM) tool. By embracing and implementing the CMII methodology and principles into our software development process, we at Intergraph Corporation have evolved JCMIS into the premier web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool widely used today by a diverse customer base. Prior to 2005, the customer base using JCMIS was minimal and limited to a few programs in the Department of Defense (DoD). Since CMII certification, Intergraph Corporation has expanded the JCMIS customer base to include:


Additional DOD Programs:

  • Joint Strike Fighter - Change Control management and incorporation
  • Navy Depots - Component and Life-limited asset tracking
  • Marine Corps - MRAP, Wheeled Vehicles, Support Equipment tracking
  • Special Operations Command - RG33 Wheeled Vehicle asset tracking
  • Technical Applications Program Office - MH-47 asset management
  • Team SPAWAR selected JCMIS for their Enterprise PLM solution
  • Includes Headquarters, 4 Program Executive Offices and 3 Field Activities o SPAWAR Charleston, SC - NSA Classified Programs

Government Agencies

  • Department of Homeland Security
    • Transportation Security Agency - Airport Security Equipment
    • Southern Border Initiative - Border Patrol
    • Industry Programs
      • L-3 Communications - GOCO, Army Depot Repair Activity


The JCMIS software development team works closely with the customers to ensure design concepts and requirements meet their business process needs. Using the tailored JCMIS application, our customers have clear, concise, valid information at their finger tips to render informed business decisions. The JCMIS application is in continuous process improvement to meet the requirements of our growing customer base.

Keith Grant, NAVAIR and Dana Stearns, Intergraph,