ICM Staff and Instructors

Configuration Management Trainer

Ken Black, ICM President and Instructor

Ken has over 20 years of experience in management positions in aerospace and computer-oriented firms with an extensive blend of commercial, military, hardware and software programs. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in configuration management. Ken has been a CMII instructor and practitioner since 1985. He holds CMII certification and is listed in the "who's who" of global business leaders.

Ken assumed the role of President on January 1, 2015.

Configuration Management Founder

Vince Guess, Founder of ICM and former President

Vince founded ICM and initiated the university-sponsored CMII certification program in 1986. He served as President of ICM through 2014 except for a period in 2006 when he formed the CMII Research Institute. Although still active with ICM, Vince stepped down as President. He holds the BSME and MBA degrees and is the author of Engineering: The Missing Link In MRP (1979), CMII for Business Process Infrastructure (2002) and CMII: the Path to Integrated Process Excellence (2013).

Configuration Management Instructor

Ray Wozny, Instructor

Ray has over 23 years of experience in high technology firms with 19 in management. He has held various management positions and has implemented three PDM/PLM solutions. Ray has extensive experience in configuration management, technical publications and design support. He received CMII certification in 1989 and joined ICM in 2003. He was on the ACDM's founding Board of Governors. Ray has PMI certification and is also a certified CM process lead assessor.

Configuration Management Instructor

Eric Hales, Instructor

Eric has over 20 years in product data management, engineering systems design and implementation. He developed CM applications and implemented Metaphase at Honeywell. He did product demonstrations and proposal development at MatrixOne and was project lead for CMII certification of eMatrix. Eric has a B.A. from Arizona State. He graduated with honors in computer programming at Arizona Tech and is CMII certified.

Configuration Management Trainer

Joseph Anderson, VP of Global Services

Joe has over 20 years of experience in the automotive, defense, marine, and aerospace sectors. He holds executive-level authority for implementing transformational service solutions to integrate the ICM global services organization, introduce enterprise agile methodologies, and shift paradigms to focus on customers and solution providers. His organization will establish a global vision to align our company strategy and goals, while meeting customer needs. He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and is CMII certified at the CMIIP level. 

Configuration Management CIO

Bill Guess, CFO, CIO and Office Manager

Bill joined the Institute of Configuration Management when the business was relocated from San Diego, California to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1991. He previously had over 20 years of experience managing the engineering budgets and financials within Honeywell and General Electric. Since joining ICM, Bill has been the CFO and CIO. He served as CEO during start-up of the CMII Research Institute in 2006. Bill holds a business degree from Arizona State University.

Configuration Management PR

Mary Ann Nixon, Public Relations

Mary Ann joined the Institute of Configuration Management in 1998 after accumulating over 20 years of experience in the health care industry. She handles all registration and invoice activity at ICM and is the first point of contact for inquiries from across the U.S. and around the world. She also organizes the venues and bookings for all public courses. Mary Ann achieved CMII certification in 1998 and has been the emcee at CMII conferences in the U.S., South Africa and Germany.

Jeanette Almgren, Instructor

Jeanette has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. She has been working in the configuration management field for over 15 years. She has worked as a consultant for many customers within both the commercial and military sectors. Jeanette received CMIIC certification in 2012 and started teaching the CMII courses in Sweden in the same year.

Configuration Management Instructor

Mark Andrews, Instructor

Mark has an Electronic Engineering degree from Liverpool University. He spent 5 years in Defence, 3 years in Engineering at Jaguar and 6 years in Research at Porsche AG before becoming Chief Engineer at Delphi in Liverpool — the lead European site for deployment of CMII. He spent the last 7 years as CMII Process and IT Tool Manager for Delphi E&S Europe and deployed the CMII process and associated IT tools at over 15 sites in Europe. Mark is fluent in German and is CMII certified.

Configuration Management Instructor

Carol Cotty, Instructor

Carol started her working career as a librarian and has a M.BIBL degree. She has been working in the configuration management field for 37 years in the private, public and defence sectors. She established ConfigOnline in 2001: a South African based company dedicated to training and advisory services in configuration management. She began teaching the CMII Courses in South Africa in 2004 and is proudly CMII certified.

Configuration Management Speaker

Bill Deringer, Legal Affairs

Bill is an attorney and systems engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the commercial and military electronics industries. He is the Director of Weather Radar Programs at RS Information Systems; his experience includes production management, facility management, systems engineering and configuration management. Bill is an active CM practitioner, ICM instructor and is CMII Certified.

He has been the emcee for ICM's Annual CMII/IPE Conference for the past several years.

Configuration Management Speaker

Peter Dreyer, Instructor

Peter has mechanical engineering and business degrees. He has held management positions in product development, manufacturing, project and configuration management. In 2007, using the CMII principles, he managed a development project for an overseas customer, achieving completion in a third of the tine that was considered the norm. Peter became an instructor in 2013 and offers CMII/IPE courses in Australia through his R&D Control Engineering company trading as CMII/IPE Australasia.

Configuration Management Instructor

Patrick Preto, Instructor

Patrick has over 12 years of experience in industry of which most has been in aeronautics. He has over 8 years in configuration management and is a senior CM consultant. His experience includes the CM center of competence for Airbus, product structure for the A350, Center Fuselage change leader for the A380, physical mockup for the A380 cockpit and helicopter maintenance documentation. Patrick has a Masters in mechanical technology and is CMII certified.

Configuration Management Instructor

Guido Weischedel, Instructor

Guido worked for a major automotive supplier before forming a company to provide education and consulting in software CM in 1985. He has written several articles on software CM. He has a degree in information technology and is CMII certified. Guido began teaching CMII courses in the German language in 1998. His company was renamed GfKM in 1999. Since 2004, the course offerings are continuing to expand throughout Europe.


Semiha Yasar, Instructor

Semiha has Mechanical Engineering B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from Middle East Technical University in Turkey. She spent 30 years in Defence as Design Engineer, Engineering and R&D Director and Program Director. She worked for the processes for Design, Project and Program Management, System Engineering and Configuration Management. She managed the CMII implementation at FNSS, the leading defence company in Turkey. Semiha is CMII certified.


Haitao Yin, Instructor and Founder of BGBT

Haitao founded BGBT in 2014 to focus on consulting, training and implementation of R&D management and configuration management. In the same year, he received authorization for BGBT to teach CMII/IPE courses in China. Haitao has worked in product development in foreign enterprises for over 10 years. He led the development of an energy storage system that was implemented worldwide. Haitao has a Masters in engineering and an MBA. He achieved CMIIA certification in 2014.


Echo Zhang, Instructor

Echo now works at BGBT. She has 6 years of experience in high technology firms and 5 years of experience in configuration and change management. She has implemented the PLM/ERP system to manage the complex energy storage system in accordance with the principles stated in CMII/IPE. Echo holds a Bachelor degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She achieved CMII certification in 2012.