28th Annual CMII/IPE Symposium and Training

Configuration Management Event at Double Tree in Denver, CO

ICM's 28th Annual CMII/IPE Symposium


Enterprise-Wide CM & Integrated Process Excellence

CMII/IPE Implementation Issues, Solutions and Results


September 21 - 22, 2015

Location: Doubletree by Hilton Denver
3203 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado 80207
(303) 321 3333
Group Name: 28th Annual CMII/IPE Conference
Group Code: CMI
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Previous CMII/IPE Speakers

Configuration Management SpeakerEmcee: Bill Deringer, RS Information Systems 

Bill is Director of Weather Radar Systems at RS Information Systems. He is an attorney and systems engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the military and electronics industries. Bill is an active CM practitioner and holds the CMIIC certification. He has been the emcee for ICM’s annual CMII conferences for the past several years.

Configuration Management SpeakerRose Cammarata, Baxter Healthcare     

Rose has over 25 years of experience in the Medical Device industry in the areas of product development, change management and process improvement. She is a Technical Director at Baxter Healthcare responsible for deploying CMII and PLM practices. She holds BS and MS degrees in Biomedical Engineering and is CMII certified.

The Issues and Risk of a Global CMII Implementation

How can an organization reduce the amount of time required to gain some of the business process improvement opportunities provided by the CMII model?  How can you “jump start” the implementation process within your organization?  What role should leadership play versus the role of the individual? Learn how one major medical device manufacturer answered these questions.

Configuration Management SpeakerKeynote: Scott Wilks, Delphi 

Scott is the Corporate Change Leader in Delphi’s Global Operations and has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. Scott earned his CMIIC certification in 2003 and his CMIIP professional certification 2009. Over the past 15 years, he has been a key player in the highly successful implementation of CMII throughout Delphi.

Topic: Lift Off! Getting your CMII-IPE Program off the Ground

Delphi’s implementation effort began in 1998 and was extended to manufacturing sites and design centers around the world. It was highly successful. Delphi began adapting the IPE principles in 2005 which was also highly successful. The results were presented at prior conferences. This presentation will describe Delphi’s implementation team and strategy.

Configuration Management SpeakerScott Segrin, Medtronic Surgical Technologies

Scott has been at Medtronic the past nine years where he is Senior Configuration Assurance Manager. He previously held configuration and data management positions at Salient Surgical Technologies, Sikorsky Aircraft, Apple, Celestica and M/A-COM/Tyco Electronics. Scott is CMIIA Certified.

Project Trident — Sector-Wide PLM System

Medtronics is striving to standardize and improve the effectiveness of their processes and enabling software tools. Seven keys to success include (1) learn from others, (2) management support, (3) allocate the best people, (4) transform existing practices, (5) follow the roadmap, (6) prepare for change and (7) training on CMII methodology.

Configuration Management SpeakerJennifer Stevers, Medtronic Surgical Technologies        

Jennifer has nearly 20 years of experience implementing IT solutions in highly regulated environments. She is the Director for ST’s 5-year strategy to harmonize CM processes and PLM tools across 14+ ST sites and over 24,000 end-items. Jennifer holds the PMP, Six Sigma Black Belt and CMIIC certifications.

Project Trident — Sector-Wide PLM System

Medtronics is striving to standardize and improve the effectiveness of their processes and enabling software tools. Seven keys to success include (1) learn from others, (2) management support, (3) allocate the best people, (4) transform existing practices, (5) follow the roadmap, (6) prepare for change and (7) training on CMII methodology.


Max Gravel, Configuration Management SpeakerMax Gravel, Gulfstream Aerospace        

Max has worked on engineering process development for new aircraft programs at Gulfstream Aerospace for the past 7 years. He and his team have developed engineering change processes and tools using CMII principles as its backbone. Max has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and holds CMIIC and CMIIS Certifications.

Topic: Journey through the G650 Development Program

This presentation will describe how and why a closed loop change process based on CMII principles was introduced to support the development of the world’s most technologically advanced business jet. I will share lessons learned and discuss the future challenges of CMII implementation at Gulfstream.

Configuration Management SpeakerDevon Stevens, Gulfstream Aerospace

Devon is a Manufacturing Engineering Group Head for Product Support with over 18 years of CM experience across Engineering, Production and Quality Assurance.  He and his team are responsible for maintaining the configuration of spares inventory for the G650 fleet.  Devon has a Master’s in Management and holds CMIIC certification.

Strategic Transformation — CMII through Cross-Functional Collaboration

Share lessons learned and techniques on how to create the internal buzz while reaching out to stakeholders in order to move toward integrated process excellence. • Culture & History • Be Strategic • Creating the Buzz • Automation • Transformation • Moving Forward.

Configuration Management SpeakerMartijn Dullaart, Philips

Martijn is Senior Team Lead and PLM Business Analyst at Philips with over 10 years of PLM experience. He is a Configuration Management team member striving to standardize all business processes and utilize one common PLM tool. Martijn has a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and holds CMIIC certification.

Accelerate transformation by using standards like CMII
Philips is striving to reduce 3000+ business processes to ~140 common processes, reduce the business models from 75 to 4 and reduce the number of PLM tools from 17 to 1. So what is the status quo in the Change & Configuration Management, where did we struggle, what were the key challenges and how did CMII help us to move forward.

Configuration Management SpeakerSusanne Lauda, AGCO

Susanne joined AGCO 3 years ago. They manufacture agricultural equipment at various sites around the world. In her role as project lead for manufacturing automation, she identified the need for a harmonized global change process as they strive to standardize on a PLM tool. She has a degree in production engineering and holds CMIIP certification.  

Challenges of Introducing CMII Globally

This presentation will describe how “baseline” and “closed-loop” was interpreted by engineering, by a manufacturing site and an entire enterprise. It will describe what had to change to get a common enterprise-wide interpretation of a closed-loop change process, to harmonize change processes and to improve the integrity of BOMs and data.

Configuration Management SpeakerHaitao Yin, Beijing Golden Begonia Technology Co.

Haitao served the past 7 years as Director of product development at Prudent Energy, developer of electrical equipment for energy storage. My cross-national team had many engineering specialists and we had great success. We could not have done it without CMII/PLM. Haitao has a masters in chemical engineering and holds CMII and PMP certification.

Bringing CMII and PLM Into China

Most companies in China are not familiar with CMII or PLM. I made a decision in February to resign from my previous company and set up BGBT in Beijing. My presentation will describe my personal experience with CMII and PLM. My vision is to introduce these advanced methodologies/tools and help the local companies build their core competencies.

Configuration Management SpeakerWouter Mollers, Cofely Energy & Infra BV

Wouter is Configuration Manager at Cofely Energy & Infra BV (a Dutch division of the global energy player GDF SUEZ), which provides technical energy services and develops hardware & software for the efficient operation of infrastructural properties. In 2013 he accepted the challenge to help implement CM at Cofely Energy & Infra BV after working 5 years in Quality Management. Wouter has a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and holds CMIIC certification.

One small Change for Man, one giant Leap for Cofely

I will present the story of an organization that has just made its first, challenging steps in properly managing change. I will explain the context of our business, our use of CMII and enabling tools and our past, present and future challenges.

Configuration Management SpeakerAshley Lawton, Seagate Technologies

Ashley has worked for 2 years for Seagate Technology in Longmont, Colorado in the configuration management group. Her work has involved standard CM support for engineering, customers, factories and marketing as well as utilizing CM principles to analyze processes and develop tools aimed at streaming work flows.

How Configuration Management Can Protect an Organization
The skeletal system is the foundation of our anatomy. It provides strength, structure and protection for all the other systems and the body as a whole. I will use three cases to show how CM is analogous to the skeletal structure for product development and how CM can provide strength, structure and protection for an organization as a whole.

Configuration management speakerSarah Nguyen, Zodiac Aerospace OEM Cabin Interiors      

Sarah specializes in Configuration Management and Engineering Systems. The last six years have been dedicated to process analysis and systems deployment. She is currently leading divisional integration of CM principles and enabling tools through her designed philosophy, processes, deployment packet and training plans. Sarah holds the CMIIP certification.

Topic: Conscious Configuration Management

Trending successful companies are constantly looking to being more “sustainable” and “conscious.” Applying the practice. of consciousness towards CM can catalyze the cultural integration and become self-sustaining. Coupled with a “packet” approach to system deployment, processes and tools can easily move from one program or division to the next.

Configuration management speakerPaul Nelson, ATK      

Paul has 11 years in industry and is a Teamcenter Business Architect at ATK. He is promoting the proper processes and tools to significantly reduce development time and costs while meeting all customer requirements. Paul has BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering. He is ENCOSE certified and CMII certified and also fluent in Russian.

Keynote: ATK’s Journey to Integrated Process Excellence

Delivering integrated process excellence across an enterprise as diverse as ATK’s is no simple task. This presentation includes myself and 4 other speakers who will spend about 10 minutes on each of the following topics; Enterprise-Level Common Process, Enterprise-Level Common Tools, Siemens Teamcenter; a Division Perspective and a Program Perspective.

Configuration management speakerKent Liechty, ATK      

Kent is the Senior Manager of Engineering and Quality Systems at ATK. He has over 24 years of experience with engineering, engineering process, and IT systems. Kent owns all engineering and quality applications at the corporate level, supplying solutions to all ATK businesses. Kent has a B.S. in design engineering technology from Brigham Young University.

Topic: Enterprise-Level Common Tools

Kent will discuss ATK investment in common tools, the current footprint and the consolidation plans.

Configuration management speakerAnurag Sharma, Siemens      

Topic: Flexibility and Scalability of Teamcenter

Anurag will discuss the flexibility and scalability of Teamcenter to meet the Enterprise PLM challenge for end-to-end product development (requirements through manufacturing).

Configuration Management SpeakerOndrea Adger, ATK      

Ondrea is a Software Configuration Manager at the Alliant Techsystems (ATK). For the last 5 years she has worked to
develop and standardize configuration management practices for software parts at the Elkton facility. She also serves as part of ATK Elkton's PLM implementation team and local administrator. She has a B.S. degree in Computer Science and holds CMIIP, CMIIS, and Project Management Professional (PMP)® certifications.

Topic: A Division Perspective
Ondrea will provide a perspective of working within an Enterprise PLM framework at a division level and the challenges of juggling many programs within a division.

Configuration Management SpeakerRachel Holyoak, ATK      

Rachel is a Configuration Manager for NASA programs at ATK. She has worked in the electronics and aerospace industries and has 10 years of CM experience. Rachel focuses on systems solutions to CM challenges and strives to minimize customizations that deviate from core principles and standards. She holds the BSME and MBA degrees from Utah State University and is also a CMII grad.

Topic: A Program Perspective and the 10 to 20% Uniqueness of each Program
Yes, our programs are 80 to 90% common, but we have to accommodate the 10 to 20% uniqueness of each program. Rachel will discuss the challenges of accommodating unique requirements within an Enterprise model.

Configuration Management SpeakerRob McAveney, ARAS      

Rob has over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing mission-critical business solutions. As chief architect at ARAS, he drives the product direction of ARAS platform, turning complex business requirements into software solutions. He began his career at Boeing and worked on PDM tools at Eigner+Partner. Rob holds a BSME and is CMII certified.

Topic: CMII in a Massive Multi-Disciplinary World
As innovation continues to accelerate, the need for cross-discipline collaboration and control is amplified. With today's systems, and systems of systems, new approaches to CM are necessary. Find out how coordination of the many interfacing elements and service around the world will change PLM and CMII in the future.

Configuration Management SpeakerRobert D. Stone, Professional Systems Associates, Inc.

Rob has been with PSA for the past 15 years in the development and implementation of CMPRO, PSA’s flagship PLM software solution. It is the only PLM tool to receive a 5-star rating from ICM. He has BA and MS degrees in Business Information Systems, an Enterprise CM Master’s certification from CMPIC and serves on the executive board of ACDM.

Topic: Process Planning Precedes Process Productivity

Customer processes are often not well documented, enforced or understood. In short, the planning process used to get a good tool established can help analyze, document and improve the very processes that the tool will be used to automate. This presentation will explore the value of process planning in connection with a software tool implementation.

Configuration Management Speaker

Lisa Fenwick, CMstat

Lisa is currently Vice President of Development at CMstat, where she has worked for the past 18 years. CMstat is a leading provider of COTS Configuration Management and Contract Deliverables Management software. Lisa has a degree in engineering from the University of Maryland and holds CMIIC certification.

One of Those Things is Not Like the Others
CMstat is often asked to implement our products for organizations who have special circumstances surrounding their product or processes. This presentation will take a look at how CM can be accomplished for these organizations by leveraging best CM practices. Several real-life examples will be discussed.

Ray_WoznyRay Wozny, ICM      

Ray has over 23 years in high technology firms with 19 in management. He has held various management positions and has implemented three PDM/PLM solutions. Ray has extensive experience in configuration management, He received CMII certification in 1989 and joined ICM in 2003. He was on the ACDM’s founding Board of Governors.

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