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CMII/IPE Certified PDM/ PLM Tools Software Tools

Purpose: This tool information is for those using the CMII model to achieve enterprise-wide configuration management (eCM) and integrated process excellence (IPE).

Background: Product Data Management (PDM) tools became popular in 1990 for managing design information, including Computer-Aided Design (CAD) documents. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools became popular in 2000 for managing information from all lifecycle phases, not just design. (See white paper CMII-875 by Ray Wozny.)

Current Status: PLM tools did not replace PDM tools, as expected. Both have continued to evolve. Initial differences were similar to traditional CM (product design only) versus CMII (enterprise-wide CM). Both have CMII/IPE implementation support capabilities.

CMII/IPE Process Model Upgrades: Important upgrades include a complete baseline and administrative hierarchy for the business enterprise. CMII-500E is the latest version.

Purpose of ICM's Rating: To help our ~ 8,000 CMII grads find software tools that have the functionality needed to support implementation of the CMII/IPE model.

Listing of Tools, Assessment Status and Ratings: The ICM website will be updated with tool names and providers, their assessment status and a 0 to 5 star rating.

Click here to download an overview of CMII-500G

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